07 September 2010 @ 06:02 pm
Between my ridiculously delayed layover in Houston, the concert Saturday and the drama of Sunday (and no, I don't really want to go into it), I have had about nine hours of sleep total from Saturday to this morning. So, sorry about the super late update, all I wanted to do when I got home from work (because yes, like a moron, I said it was okay for me to go into work the day after I got home) was sleep, sleep, and sleep some more. Also, Clayton came back with us. *sighs* This is going to be stressful.

The concert Saturday was freaking amazing, even if the set list was really unusual. I'm not a stranger to music festivals, and I'm used to the age-old version of band/group comes on, performs their set, leaves, done. That whole "perform two/three songs, leave, then return a little later, leave, return a little later, leave, etc etc" thing really confused me. Dammit, I wanna know when my groups are over, so I know if I need to be upset over SHINee not performing Lucifer or not! (Which they did, yay, very last song they did, but they DID IT, and I got to watch that super amazing dance live, oh, they joy. ♥)

The first hour or so was nothing but the girls, which... yeah. I am not a fan of the female singers in KPop. I like their dancing, often the songs are catchy and interesting, but I simply cannot handle the high-pitched, Chipmunk-like voices. They hurt my ears. I was quite relieved when Kangta interrupted that schpiel, ugh. (Kangta's performance with Ara? FUCKING ADORABLE. Probably the best duet of the night.) I really, really enjoyed Jessica and Krystal's duet, except for, well, the creepy part in the choreography when it went all incest on me. Didn't like that. But other than that, it was totally awesome. If nothing else, I like it when those sisters perform together. XD

SHINee was the first of the groups to come on that I personally was there to see. And they were amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! Loved every second of them, even when they performed Ring Ding Dong, which is just about my least favorite SHINee song ever. I'd have been much happier if they'd done Amigo or Love Like Oxygen instead, but considering they performed almost all of my favorite songs, I wasn't going to complain. Lucifeeeeeeer! I'd have been devastated if they hadn't done that one.

SuJu's new version of U? Didn't enjoy it so much. As Sarah and I discussed, the damn song was playing for about a minute before anyone even realized what it was. I really loved the new choreography for Sorry, Sorry, though. I was sort of half-hoping, half-fearful they were going to perform it, because that was always pretty much Hangeng's song, and they'd have either had to leave his "front and center" spot empty, or put someone else there, and either option probably would have made me pretty upset. So having all new choreography altogether was just about the best thing they could have done. And SuJu performed Super Girl, which DID leave me with mixed feelings. 1) Waaaa, Hangeng, I miss you, SuJu-M was always yours, and 2) OMG SUNGMIN AND HYUKJAE ARE PERFORMING SUPER GIRL OMG *dies*. Speaking of Sungmin, the World's Biggest Sweetheart totally did a World's Biggest Sweetheart move. I was (naturally) watching him like a crazy person every time he was onstage, and there was this moment where a fan in the audience was taking pictures, and he was darling, took the camera from the fan, took a picture of himself (he didn't like it, so he took another one XD), and then handed the camera back to the fan. I mean, seriously. I don't know why these moves always surprise me into ultimate fangirl-meltage, because it's shit like that that makes Sungmin my favorite member in the first place. ♥

I don't have a whole lot to say about HoMin (seeing as how I was REALLY there for SuJu and I knew it), but they truly did not disappoint. Despite having to carry the Dong Bang Shin Ki name all alone on their little shoulders, they still managed it without even making it seem like anything was missing. Their entrance, though? NO FUCKING THANK YOU. Hanging fifty fucking feet from the fucking ground with no safety underneath was not my fucking cup of tea. And I got to experience (again) that feeling that my reality seems to be really different from everyone else's. Because people were cheering like "OMG, they're flying! <3333" while I was standing there freaking out, because if something went wrong, there was just about nothing anybody could do, and no one had apparently prepared for it. So everyone was cheering around me, and I had to fight with myself to keep from jumping over the railing so I could at least stand under one of them. I mean, sure, I'd be crushed, but that's not the point. Shit, they could have at least plunked a little pillow up there or something. Just for my piece of mind.

So yeah. I didn't enjoy them until they had both fucking feet back on the fucking ground.

The after-party was a total bust. The music was way too loud (I mean, shit, I'm a clubber. If I say it was too loud, it was fucking too loud), and about three-quarters of the room was crowded into one area so they could, I dunno, catch a glimpse of Taemin drinking or something. Because yes, SHINee was there (I debated with myself as to whether I should or shouldn't call the cops), most of Girls Generation, Yunho, Donghae, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, and a few others. Basically, if I didn't see them go in, I wasn't gonna know they were there, because I wasn't gonna turn creepy fangirl. No, I got drunk, danced a little, shouted in Sarah's ear (there was absolutely no other way to communicate in that place, trust me), and watched Yunho be awesome.

Dude, Yunho went up several pegs in my estimation for actually coming out and trying to make that after-party not suck. Because with the way everyone was basically trapping the poor artists in the corner, I figured they'd be too terrified to navigate their way through and do ANYTHING. For all I know, they might still be trapped back there by the creepy. So, uber-points to Yunho for balls, man. I loved him for it. ♥

And now, time for my rant about KPop fans. It won't be a long one, I promise, but it needs to be done.

1) The world does not revolve around you, nor do the people on it live to serve your whims. If you ask someone who paid quite a bit of money to switch seats with you because you didn't have the wherewithal to get tickets to sit with your friends, and then not even offer to compensate for the difference between the much shittier seat and the good one, FUCK YOU. Of course I'm not going to fucking switch with you. And you have no right to complain if I don't. Mommy and Daddy might have paid for your ticket, but I paid for mine all on my fucking own. Next time, plan ahead.

2) Just because you weren't born in time to make it to the after-party gives you no right to resent me just because I am. Grow up, jesus.

3) Don't act like douches. When someone asks you a perfectly legitimate question, don't blow that person off for no good reason.

4) Stalker fans are scary. You may not realize that hanging around a group of people and taking fifty million pictures of them drinking is creepy, but I promise you, the rest of the world thinks so. It's a big area. Go get a drink. Dance, or something. You are not at a zoo, and they are not animals in a cage for you to ogle. They are people, and you are freaking them out.

5) Lines are lines. They are not to be ignored at your convenience, and shoving people who legitimately are waiting in line to the side is kind of bullshit.

6) Fanboys are included in this crazy. I was nearly shoved over the rail several times by a group of boys that decided whenever Girls Generation was on that life was expendable. Not theirs. Mine. And they never even apologized. Or acknowledged my existence (despite the fact that I was actually in my assigned seat, and they were just being arrogant douchebags that decided murder was less horrific than not seeing Luna just that little bit closer).

7. Being ditched is never fun. Being ditched three times in one day is even worse. Being ditched three times and not even getting an apology, or a follow-up, or anything? Bullshit.

Meeting Sarah certainly taught me a valuable lesson, though. Do not go to these events in a group. The grouping KPop fans are rude and evil, and they will all keep inside their little cliques like it's some warped version of high school. No, go alone, meet others that have gone alone, and hang. It's much better that way. The ones that went alone are generally just as anti-crazy-fan as you are.
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