19 November 2011 @ 01:16 am
I am so in love with Kim Jo-Kwangsoo's movies, like seriously. Someone happened to recommend his "Just Friends?" to me and I just absolutely fell in love. His silent film "Boy Meets Boy" is just absolutely heartwarming, and it's nice to see that both of these movies end happily (rare enough in Korean movies, let alone in Korean gay movies).

Of the two, I would say that "Just Friends?" is more poignant, just because it manages to deal with some pretty serious issues, despite its short length. You have the gay stigma in the Korean military, South Korea's mandatory draft, the worst possible coming out to one's mother... All in the space of about twenty-five minutes. Also... *coughs* One deliciously hot scene. Just saying.

I'd suggest "Boy Meets Boy" also, simply because the soft music is such a lovely backdrop to such sweet scenes. It's really one of those movies you can't watch without feeling warm and fuzzy inside, and I dare anyone to see that last scene and not just grin like a sappy idiot.

Also, if someone can find the music from either of these movies, please tell me!
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