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exhausted because of cheerleaders activity?? *suspicious eyes*

Junsu pulled away and sniffed. Yoochun looked a little dazed. “And I’m not even gay, dickwad.” Moving away from the seated pair, he walked over to Changmin’s chair and started dragging it and its occupant to the door.

“Um, Junsu, wouldn’t it be easier to just untie me?”

“Maybe. But I like you like this.
<< Oh My, the best LOL part!!! I feel like I could imagining this view right in front of my eyes.

Jaejoong decided that his seat wasn’t comfortable enough and decided to sit in Yoochun’s. Only Yoochun still occupied it, so Jaejoong remedied that situation by sitting on his lap and wrapping his arms around him.
is LOVE!!! as usual, u can portray the naturality of chunjae relationship.

& yeah, finally, I can hearread YC's confession about his bi preferences!!!!!!! Hahahaha.

awesome crack girl ^^b
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